We also provide professional pipe welding services. We utilise two techniques in our work: butt welding and electrofusion welding. The first harnesses the Kamitech fully automatic butt welding machine. This technique is used to fuse large diameter pipes and pipe fittings. The welding is done by increasing the temperature of the pipe end and the pipe fitting. The elements are permanently connected with mechanical clamps. This technique is suitable for PE, PP, PB and PVDF pipes ranging from ø 90 to ø 315 with a printout of the welding record.

We use the Labtronik welding machine for electrofusion welding. This is a multi-stage process consisting of using PE fittings that are melted at high temperature to an appropriately prepared pipe. This technique involves passing an electric current through a coil that is placed around the two ends of the join. We use the electrofusion method for welding pipes up to ø 400.

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