We use specialised equipment in our work, which facilitates the timely and professional
execution of specific tasks. Our mini excavators are invaluable in all minor construction work.
This equipment is compact and reliable and nothing gets the job done so efficiently. It is used
throughout the required cabling and wiring works, plumbing for water and sewage works, gas
works, and general construction works. The mini excavator is indispensable when levelling
the terrain to enable the use of heavier equipment on site.

At SAFAGA S.C. we have five Wacker Neuson ET 18 1.8T compact excavators, and Volvo
ECR25D 2.5T and Volvo ECR58D 6T excavators. Despite their compact size, these
sophisticated and versatile excavation tools have incredible construction site potential. We use
them throughout our on-site work where standard, large, and heavy equipment cannot do the
job. They are perfect in soft ground conditions that rule out the use of heavy machinery. They
can cope in all sorts of difficult conditions, which also translates into the timely progress of
construction work.

With our mini excavators, we can do narrow excavations and trenches for cabling, pipelines
and installations. This equipment is also used to level the terrain and to dig the foundations.
We also take on projects involving minor construction work in the area of Solec Kujawski,
Bydgoszcz and the environs.

Our mini excavators are used in:

  • Excavation woks for the installation of gas mains, plumbing, and sanitary and water systems, telecommunications networks, power infrastructure,
  • drainage works,
  • land levelling and sloping, and
  • building small ponds.

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