The construction of a gas distribution network is a highly complex process. The right qualifications and competences are required on every step of the way. Specialised and technical knowledge is also key to ensuring compliance with all the necessary norms, standards and provisions throughout the project. The skilled experts we have at SAFAGA S.C. are an ambitious group of people who continuously seek to improve their skills, competences, and knowledge to provide increasingly better execution and meet all the demands and requirements of our valued Clients.

Are you building a gas distribution network? Here are the stages that you will have to successfully complete.


Initially, a construction site does not involve any heavy equipment. Everything takes place in the quiet focus of the design and planning team. Here, the gas pipeline route has to be carefully planned and selected, and all the facilities that will require connection to the gas mains have to be carefully planned. This should be handled by an experienced gas installation designer who factors in all the terrain, environmental, and social circumstances and determinants. Such a designer is also tasked with preparing the wildlife inventory.


Once you have the complete set of the required documents, you can proceed to submitting the network construction application. The decision is issued by the Regional Director for Environmental Protection. How long does it take to get a decision? In practice, the decision should be issued within half a year.


SAFAGA S.C. prepares to commence with construction and installation work.


The necessary trenching work is carried out for the gas distribution network. At this stage, we commence with building the gas network according to the design.


Carrying out tightness testing and all the required technical acceptance procedures for the gas distribution network. This stage is completed with obtaining the necessary administrative decision and permission for use of the gas distribution network.

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